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What One Day Means

Angela Alexandru
Angela Alexandru

If you ever wonder what our routine around the Hospice looks like, we are very excited to share with you what one day means at St Wilfrid’s! Read all about it below.

The Ward

Our expert Clinical Team works 24 hours in the Ward, providing excellent end-of-life care. Their days are carefully planned, starting at 7:30 with the night shift team’s handover, which includes updates on patients’ overnight needs. Following this, our Clinical Team have a daily morning meeting to go through our patients’ treatment plans, which are continuously assessed, for the day.

The Medical Team starts the day at 9:00 and reviews inpatients’ medication, appointments, dietary plans, and family visits for bereavement sessions. Nurses serve breakfast at 8:30 and throughout the morning patients receive help with personal care, which can include taking a bath in our jacuzzi bathtub. At noon, they take their medication, and those who need it are taken to the hospital for their appointments and check-ups.

Lunch is always served at 13:00 based on individual needs and requests, and after lunch, our Medical Team continues to provide care. Patients attend complementary therapies, such as physiotherapy, breathing exercises, or spiritual support sessions. During this time, they can visit our coffee shop, receive visits from loved ones or if the weather allows, take a walk around our beautiful garden.

The day ends at 18:00 with supper time and bedtime preparation at 20:00. Our doctors finish the day by 17:30 but remain available to help and support. For the Clinical Team, at 20:15 there is the handover to the night staff, including reviews of treatment plans, meetings, or messages. They ensure patients are settled for the night to aid sleep.

Care at Home

However, most of our patients choose to be cared for in a home setting. Our team of Clinical Nurse Specialists care for over 300 patients at any one time and works seven days a week. We also have a triage clinician who will take urgent calls from patients, families, and other NHS professional staff about queries and referrals.

Before visiting patients, the Hospice at Home Team has a daily morning meeting at 9:00 with the Clinical Team and St Richards Hospital’s palliative team to discuss patients’ priorities.

Sometimes, outpatients need visits twice or three times a day when approaching the last days of their lives and we have a dedicated team to help them with personal care.

Family Services

At your community hospice, we also have a Family Services Team, which consists of Counsellors, Social Workers, Chaplains, and trained volunteers.

Our Family Services Team provide emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual support to patients and their families.

Their sessions start at 10:00 and can go on until the end of the day, and vary between patients’ counselling and Bereavement Counselling for loved ones, both on the Ward and out in the community.

No matter who you are in our community, St Wilfrid’s aims to support those who need it the most and always receive our best care. We treat everyone equally with respect and compassion and provide our care with integrity, and responsibility, and aim for excellence.

If you would like to support us, make a difference to local lives, and give a little through donating or fundraising, contact our Fundraising Team at


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