Frequently asked questions – Christmas Treecycling

We will collect from the following postcodes: BN18, GU28, GU29, PO10, PO18, PO19, PO20, PO21 & PO22

Collections will take place between 12th – 15th January 2024. Each postcode will have a specific collection date which will be specified on the webpage and included within your confirmation email.

Donations can be made on our Treecycle page, here. A suggested donation of £15 per tree will help us fund our vital services for those in the community.

All donations should be made in advance. If a neighbour sees us collecting trees and would like us to take theirs too, they should ask one of our volunteers who can give them a QR code to make a donation, before collecting their tree.

If you would like to have your Christmas tree collected by the Hospice, register online or call the fundraising team on 01243 755827 by 7th January 2024.

You can register your tree for collection from 1st September 2023. Bookings will close on Monday 7th January 2024.

We will only be collecting real ones as every tree collected will be recycled and turned into mulch to be used to help local farmland.

Each tree will be environmentally recycled; first chipped and then turned into agricultural mulch ready for use.

If you live outside our catchment area, but have a friend who lives within one of our selected postcodes and is happy to hold on to your Christmas tree, as long as there is a safe way for you to transport your tree to their property, we are happy to collect it for their address. Just remember to register your collection to this address when booking.

We collect from your home so there is no need to transport your tree elsewhere.

We have a wonderful team of volunteers who have kindly offered to support us. They will usually work in pairs to collection your tree and will arrive at your property in a van to take your tree away for recycling.

There is no need for you to be at home, however, the tree needs to be outside and ready for collection by 8.30am.

Please leave your undecorated Christmas tree near the road so our van drivers can easily see it. We ask that your tree doesn’t obstruct anything and is kept out of the way so it won’t cause harm to passersby.

If you can’t leave your Christmas tree on the road please contact us in advance so we know where you have safely left the tree, in a place where we have safe access.

We are fully insured to cover the eventuality of this occurring.

6ft is the largest ‘piece’ of Christmas tree we can collect. If your Christmas tree is larger than 6ft, we ask you to saw the tree into 6ft pieces or less so we can safely transport the tree off your property.

Our Fundraising team are always happy to hear from supporters. Please call 01243 755827 or email

We would be grateful for any support offered to help with the collection of Christmas trees in January. We will need 20-30 volunteers to help and you can sign up here.