Summer Appeal

I’m so honoured to be a St Wilfrid’s nurse; that may sound like a strange thing to say, but at the end of each day I know I’ve been able to make a difference to someone. It’s wonderful when patients tell us how they feel and it’s your support that helps us to make this difference.

“I am amazed how kind, gentle and caring everyone is.”

“The staff are always upbeat and nothing is too much trouble.”

“I feel so safe.”

It’s thanks to people like you that our services are here to help people feel this way; allowing us to care for them like an individual. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and at home, giving them and their loved ones the time they need. As you know, we rely on the kindness of our supporters to raise the funds needed to do this. But these costs are rising every year.


Can you please help us to continue caring by sponsoring a nurse?


We have now been helping local people for 30 years. In that time more than 16,000 patients and their loved ones have received support at their time of need. That’s something we are all very proud of and as you are a valued supporter, we hope you are too.

The generosity of the local community enabled us to welcome the first patient in 1987. In that first year we received around 230 patient referrals. Now, thirty years later, referrals have increased to over 900 patients.

Thanks to your support we are able to continue offering our services free of charge and that’s something we don’t ever want to change. But the NHS only provides us with 13% of our running costs and that’s why I am writing to you today.

Please, if you can, sponsor a nurse like me with a monthly gift today. Simply complete the Direct Debit form by clicking on the relevant link below. If you wish to receive it, each edition of our newsletter will keep you informed about the work of our nursing teams – made possible by you!

Thank you so much.

Jan Greene, Deputy Ward Sister

The nurses that looked after my Dad couldn’t have been any kinder. What they do day-in and day-out is simply fantastic and I’m not exaggerating when I say the care my beloved Dad received was out of this world.

Hannah Rawling, whose Dad, Colin, died of mouth cancer in September 2016