2020 Summer Appeal

In a constantly changing environment, our staff and volunteers are doing all they can to ensure that patients and families can safely access the key services they need. It is likely that we have a long and difficult road ahead of us. 

With your support, St Wilfrid’s Hospice can continue to delivering flexible care that so many in our community need, now and in the future.

Patients and carers may be facing these challenges without access to that support network of family and friends who offer a shoulder to cry on and a warm hug. Without the chance to even go out and enjoy a gentle walk to clear the head. As the lockdown begins to ease for most of us, the more vulnerable people in our community will still face these difficult restrictions. Now more than ever they need your support.


Although patients are unable to visit our Living Well Centre at the moment our therapists and counsellors are supporting patients via phone or video conferencing. They are helping patients to manage symptoms and live well, and offering a friendly and reassuring voice especially to vulnerable people who are living in isolation.

One of these patients is Helen:

“Chris and I have a very good relationship. Getting the technology set up was fun but now it is very satisfying as we can connect, see and speak to each other”, she explains with a laugh. “Being able to do the session remotely helps keep me safe from catching or transmitting COVID. 

“I have lymphoedema in my left arm and in video sessions, Chris is suggesting exercises to help reduce the swelling. She can see what I’m doing and tell me if things need to be adjusted. As well as physio treatments, I know I can contact Chris with other worries. One day she noticed I was a bit out of sorts. She gave me time to chat about how I was feeling – it is that extra layer of care that’s so important.”

For over 32 years St Wilfrid’s Hospice has provided care for people facing a terminal illness. From the moment someone receives a life changing diagnosis right through until their final days, our hospice team are here to support and care. There have been many moments in history that make the future feel uncertain and that is particularly true today. But thanks to you, St Wilfrid’s Hospice has always been there to provide consistent care.

For families such as Linda, from Emsworth had lived with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 17 years. She was diagnosed with
advanced stage 4 cancer in late February 2020. Linda and her family were daunted by the idea of hospice care yet the reality proved to be something entirely different. 

Her daughter, Kate has shared her story: When Mum was admitted to the ward, we all met the doctors and nurses that would be looking after her. I was so grateful for Dr Tobi Obisanya who took time to explain her care. It was reassuring to hear how the ward staff and volunteers had adapted procedures so we could safely visit her despite concerns about the virus.

I remember, Dr Tobi saying – ‘when I think changes are happening, I will call you. He rang the next day and said – I promised you I would call if the situation had changed, it has so let’s make arrangements for you and your Dad to come in.’ We were grateful to be able to visit Mum and shortly after she died peacefully. 

Linda’s husband Dougie also added this - I don’t know what I would have done without the Hospice support, it meant so much to us all. ‘