Walk the Hospice Trail 2020

On 3rd October you are invited to walk a section of The Sussex Hospice Trail for us!

Each year the Sussex Hospice Trail has it's day in the sun and all hospices encourage supporters to go and walk a section. 

Choose your walk and take it on your way - with friends, dogs or get out for a solo hike. 

Choose any walk along the trail

There are 26 walks to choose from across the Sussex Hospice Trail. Some are long and full of hills and others are flatter and shorter. You can read all about them here.

Sign up today

With a downloadable app, printed maps you  will be in little danger of getting lost. 

How does walking support the hospice?

There are no fees this year but you can make a donation. All donations made goes to your local hospice when you choose St Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester from the list. Thank you for supporting St Wilfrid's end of life care in your community.