Volunteer this Christmas

St Wilfrid's Hospice will be offering our very own community Christmas Tree Recycling Scheme this festive season. Teaming up with Chichester District Council we will provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the disposal of festive trees after the Christmas holidays.

Are you able to kick start your year volunteering for St Wilfrid’s Hospice and your local community?

Does your company encourage you to volunteer for a charity each year? 

Are you willing to hop in and out of vans from 9am - 2pm*, lifting Christmas trees from one place to another? 

Do you have a clean driving licence with the confidence to drive a van? 

Do you have your own van or trailer? We would love to hear from you if you are willing to volunteer yourself and your vehicle

We are looking for able individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time to be part of our collection team. Either physically helping to load Christmas trees into our vans, or  willing to drive large vans throughout our catchment area. We are looking for individuals as well as teams of 3 - so bring a friend or two!

Get active in January 2020 and get that feel good feeling from helping your local hospice and your local community at the same time. Register to become a volunteer on your own, with friends, or with colleagues. So hop on board and sign up today!

*average volunteer shift - subject to change 

VOLUNTEERS FOR ST WILFRID’S HOSPICE 19/20 Christmas Tree Recycling

There are several ways that you can help us this Christmas:

Be a Driver

  • You along with Christmas tree collectors will be driving around a specific catchment area following a route planed by St Wilfrid’s staff.
  • You will have to be a confident and capable driver with a full driving license
  • We will contact you with more information about vans and driving requirements.
  • Do you have your own van or trailer? We would love to hear from you if you are willing to volunteer yourself and your vehicle

Be a Christmas Tree collector

 You along with another Christmas tree collector will be paired with a driver, collecting all trees on your specific route.

  • You along with your fellow collector will need to locate each individual tree and together place it into the van.
  • You will need to be fit and able to cope with the January weather conditions (dress warmly)

All volunteers must be aged 16 or over. Any volunteers aged 16-17 must be paired with an adult known to them, such as a parent/guardian or youth group leader, who agrees to be responsible for them for the day.  

Please indicate on your registration form if you are under the age of 18 on the date you volunteer for.

VOLUNTEERS FOR ST WILFRID’S HOSPICE 19/20 Christmas Tree Recycling Terms and Conditions

 I agree to the terms and conditions of volunteering for this event. I understand…

  • I am representing the charity at all times during this activity and I may come in contact with members of the public. I agree to behave politely and respectfully as a representative of the charity.
  • I may be asked to do multiple tasks during this event, and that I need to follow the instruction of the event organisers.
  • This event happens during the hours of 9am-2pm (possibly later). However, will need to arrive for 9am for a brief and collection of any materials that might be needed.
  • This volunteering involves being outside, and I will dress appropriately and be prepared for the weather on the day.
  • I am in good health to volunteer at for this activity.
  • It is up to me to tell the event organisers if I need to change the volunteering role I have been assigned in good time before the event.
  • I agree to let the event organisers know as soon as possible if I can no longer volunteer for this event.
  • I have a role to play when it comes to health and safety of myself and fellow volunteers this event and will abide by the safety briefing given to me.
  • If I am aged 16-17 I understand I must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the night.