Put on a January Blues quiz this month!

Fancy yourself as a quizzer? St Wilf's seasonal quizzes all through 2018. Make a difference to local lives... and have fun too!

Pick a quiz, any quiz- and raise vital funds for your local hospice!

Are you a pub landlord or landlady? Do you have a local? Pubs are perfect venues as quizzes will pull in a crowd! Offices, workshops, clubs, hospitals, colleges and schools- you can all stage quizzes too! All you will need is a lively compere to call out the questions and to award the prizes.  Ask a few pounds each to take part. Have a raffle on the night to raise more money. Thank you!

Just choose one of our quirky quizzes and start raising vital funds for St Wilfrid's!

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Got the January Blues? Don't stay blue.

Get together with friends and look back on 2017. It was a rollercoaster year, but who remembers what? Celebrate the memories together and look forward to 2018. 

Theme idea:

Ask everyone to dress up in blue. Can you get a blue sea of St Wilfrid's supporters together to beat the January blues? 

Supported by everyone's favourite Pub landlord, Al Murray. 

Spring is here and St Wilfrid's, together with the Friends of Sussex Hospices, invited you to spring forth and put on a Mad March Pub Quiz. 

We can provide posters, flyers, beer mats, and publicity. 

Theme idea:

Go for a Spring Greens theme! Can you get everyone to dress like it's St Patrick's Day every day? 

A British Summertime Quiz

Here comes summer! Celebrate in typical British style. 

It doesn't matter if it's rain or shine, we'll keep asking questions whatever the weather! 

Theme idea: 

Yellow. Dress everyone like the scorching summer sun, whether it's there or not! 


Retro Quiz. Remember the naughties? The 80s and 90s? 

As the temperatures drop and the sunlight falters, gather together to ward off those winter chills. 

Theme idea:

Gold. Dress in matching colours to reflect that final drop of autumnal sunshine. 

It's Quizmaaaaaas! 

Get glitzy, glamourous and go raise some money. 

Why not consider adding a quiz to your work Christmas do? We cn provide short, lunch time quizzes perfect for an afternoon or merriment in the office. 

Theme idea:

Ask everyone to wear red, or hold a Christmas Jumper Day and donate the proceeds to St Wilfrid's!