Make A Will Fortnight

Take part in St Wilfrid’s Hospice Make A Will Fortnight scheme and have your Will written, or amended, by a local solicitor without charge.

We are so thankful to the participating, local solicitors who are generously offering their support to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s. Rather than charging you their usual fee they will instead ask you to consider making a suggested donation to help us continue caring for terminally-ill people in your community.

Michelle Sidney
Individuals Fundraising Manager














Why do I need a Will?

It is essential that you make plans for the assets you leave when you die, however large or small, to ensure your money and possessions go to the people and charities that you care about. A Will is particularly important if you have dependent children and for recording your wishes with regards to any pets and your funeral plans.

Having a properly made Will should ensure that the burden of taking care of your affairs is greatly lessened for your family or friends. It will also ensure that, in the case of an unmarried person with no surviving family members, your Estate cannot pass to the Crown (the Government).

When my dear wife, Pearl, died I felt that it was important to ensure that my Will was brought up-to-date. I was pleased to hear about the St Wilfrid’s Make A Will Fortnight scheme as it gave me the opportunity to ensure my affairs were in order and support their excellent work at the same time. 

John Robinson
who took part in Make A Will Fortnight 2015

What is Make a Will Fortnight?

Make a Will Fortnight is being held from Monday 5th June to Friday 16th June

Several local solicitors have kindly agreed to take part by writing, or amending, standard Wills free of charge. Instead of charging you a fee your solicitor will ask you to consider making a donation to the Hospice. All solicitors are donating their time and expertise and we are enormously grateful for their support*.

How to take part:

  1. Call a participating solicitor to secure one of the limited appointments available.
  2. After securing an appointment your solicitor may send you a short list of things to consider e.g. your possessions and anyone you wish to benefit from your Will.
  3. The scheme covers a new standard Will or amendment to an existing Will and your solicitor will not charge you a fee. Instead, they will ask you to consider making a suggested donation* to St Wilfrid’s Hospice in support of their work with terminally-ill local people.
  4. Should your Will require any specialist advice then your solicitor will advise you of this and quote a fee for the necessary extra work, before going ahead.

*Participating solicitors are supporting this scheme in order to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s work. Rather than paying your solicitors’ fee for a new or amended Will, they will ask that you make a donation at your appointment to support our work with terminally-ill local people and their loved ones. We suggest a minimum donation of £100 for a Codicil, £150 for an individual Will or £250 for Mirror Wills (couple), however some participating solicitors’ usual fees will be higher and they may encourage you to use these as a guide for your donation.

Please note: this is not a ‘free Will’ scheme.

For further information about the Make a Will Fortnight scheme please call: 01243 755827 or e-mail:

The ‘Make a Will Fortnight’ is an excellent opportunity to support the invaluable work St Wilfrid’s Hospice provides whilst gaining the benefit of a professionally drafted Will. All the staff at George Ide LLP feel privileged to support our local hospice.

Ursula Watt, George Ide LLP



Participating Solicitors


Helen Gagan Solicitors

Felpham Chambers
60 Felpham Road, Felpham
PO22 7NZ
Tel: 01243 867330
Contact: Helen Gagan

Wannops LLP

York Road Chambers
6 York Road
PO21 1LT
Tel: 01243 864001
Contact: Rhiannon Stonehouse and Ken Poupart

Hobbs Law LLP

21 Tennyson Road
PO21 2SB
Tel: 01243 888295
Contact: Louise Hobbs

Anderson Rowntree

Avenue House
PO19 1ES
Tel: 01243 787899
Contact: Laura Colville

George Ide LLP

52 North Street
PO19 1NQ
Tel: 01243 786668
Contact: Ursula Watt and Jan Conrad

SMR Solicitors

50 Westgate
PO19 3HE
Tel: 01243 812316
Contact: Kathy Green

The Owen Kenny

38 South Street
PO19 1EL
Tel: 01243 790532
Contact: David Thornton, Emily Allchurch, Julie Jones, Rachel Cook and Imogen Manuel

Wannops LLP

South Pallant House
8 South Pallant
PO19 1TH
Tel: 01243 778844
Contact: Serena Elliott, Susan Freeman and Karen Powell

SMR Solicitors 

1 Kingfisher Parade
PO20 8BJ
Tel: 01243 671782
Contact: Greg Woods

Addison Law

8 North Street
PO10 7DD
Tel: 01243 372306
Contact: Christopher Halliwell and Alexandra Mullen

MJR Solicitors

7 Arun Business Centre
Ferry Road
BN17 5DS
Tel: 01243 945054/07881 104008
Contact: Mark Riley

SMR Solicitors

87 High Street
PO20 0QW
Tel: 01243 602832
Contact: Matthew Field and Elizabeth Osmend