Jail & Bail - Get locked up for a good cause!

Important update

The next Jail 7 Bail event will be announced in the summer - pending the most up-to-date government advice at the time. Understandably it may not be possible for it to take place. We will update this page regularly, please check back for further information. Updated 02.05.2020

Wanted! People to be arrested, charged and banished to the cells all for St Wilfrid's Hospice!

You will see 'guilty' supporters arrested, and charged with 'terrible' crimes (entirely fictitious, of course). They will then be banished to cells deep inside Amberley Castle only to be released if they can raise the full bail money!

To raise the money, each inmate will be allowed their phone and laptop, so they can be resourceful in using their contacts to help. Every pound will count and the whole event will be featured on Social Media throughout the day with a special Facebook Live Hour available for inmates' pleas for help. 

Watch highlights from our very first Jail and Bail here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPMGBZL6EUU&t=4s 
and on our facebook page @stwilfridchichester 

The prisoner’s only hope of freedom lies in raising £999 in bail money with the help of their connections, friends, family and - most importantly - the public! All funds raised are in support of St Wilfrid’s vital work.

How to bail out your chosen prisoner

Events such as these would not be possible without the support of our local community, and you can get involved by ‘bailing’ out your prisoner of choice.

Simply click on their mugshot below and be taken to their JustGiving page. From here you’ll be able to find out about your prisoner’s dastardly crime, how much they still need to raise toward their £999 bail.

Sign up to our next Jail and Bail:

For further details about taking part in our next Jail and Bail Wild West event in June email fundraising@stwh.co.uk with 'Jail and Bail 2020' in the subject title. 

Meet the previous prisoners who got locked up for a good cause:




To find out more just read the Jail & Bail official Information Pack for all the rules and 'inside' information!

It’s really important you can take part in the promotional filming as it will be a big part of the event day - plus you’ll be able to use the promo materials to boost your fundraising efforts beforehand and on our St Wilfrid’s Hospice Facebook Live hour on the day. 

If you have any questions or want to speak to someone more about this challenge event - please call Alex Burch on 01243 755 199 or email Fundraising@stwh.co.uk 

Jail & Bail 2020 Information Pack