Donors board

So many individuals, local businesses and charitable trusts and foundations have generously contributed to our DREAMBUILDING appeal. We would also like to recognise the support of those donors as follows, along with all those who have chosen to remain anonymous - you are all DREAMBUILDERS - thank you.


Charitable Trusts and Foundations and statutory funders:

Chichester City Council

Chichester District Council

The Demigryphon Trust

Dennis Curry Charitable Trust

The Edward Gostling Foundation

Forest of Bere Lodge 6612

The Foyle Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation

The H B Allen Charitable Trust

Highfield Park Charitable Trust

The John and Pamela Barratt Trust

The Kathleen and Sidney Linkins Memorial Trust

Mark Lay Foundation

The F Glenister Woodger Trust

The Peacock Charitable Trust

West Sussex County Council


Local Businesses:

Beaver Tool Hire (Chichester) Ltd

Chichester Festival Theatre

D.P.J Properties Ltd


Ewan The Dream Sheep

The Partners of George Ide Ltd

The Old Greenhouse Restaurant Fishbourne

Oldham Seals Ltd

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Store Property




Mrs Caroline Ahern

Eddie and Shirley Allen

Mr G C Allen

Susan Anderson

The Andrews Family

Margaret and James Antrobus

Mrs Libby Armitage

James Axtell

Mr Thomas Baileff - For Audrey and Yvonne

His Honour and Mrs Michael Baker

Jack and Vicky Baldwin

Margaret Bamford

John and Sheila Barber

Suzanne Barnes

Clive Barrington

Mrs Deborah Bartlett Pitt and Mr Hugh Becker

Mrs Hilda Bashford

Geoff Bass

Sadie Bass

Val and Christopher Bateman

Su Batty

Philip and Pepi Bazlinton

Jan and Michael Beer

Clive and Melanie Beharrell

Bernard Benham

Peter Bennett

Elaine and Robert Bentley

Lynn and Nick Besant

John and Janice Betts

Michael Bevis

Commander G Bewley RD Royal Navy

Marion Bird

Tom Blaylock's U3A Groups

Mrs S K Blighton

The Boltini Trust

Miss R Booth

Simon and Claire Bosley

Howard and Jennifer Bottomley

The Bower Family

Mary Boyall

Alastair Boyd

Mrs A Bradbury

Roger and Pippa Brewster

Alison Brown

Mrs Jean Brown

Bryant, Concannon and Friends

Barry Buck

Iris Buck and Family

Dr Ray Bull

Rosemary Bulleid

Trevor and Caroline Bunch

Des and Elaine Burge

Patrick and Maggie Burgess

Alexander Burns

Sally Burtles

Mrs Pamela Butcher

B J and P L Butler

George and Madeleine Cameron

Louise and Charles Cameron

Jean Campbell

Kathy Campbell

Tony Carwardine

Mrs A Cater

Mrs Bet Chapman

Chris Chapman

Mrs Sally Chittleburgh

David Chiverton, OBE

Mrs Angela Church

Frances Clark

Michael and Frances Coates

John and Susan Coldstream

Mrs Yvonne Cole

Evelyn Coles

Vicki Colne

Charmain Connell

Sue and Malcolm Conoboy

John Constable

Beryl Cooper and Friends

  1. Copeland

Dr and Mrs A Copsey

Sue Costello

Mrs Audrey Currell

Sheela Curtis

Margaret and Richard Dale

Mrs Diane Dalton

Kristina Daugbjerg

Mary Davies

Mr and Mrs Patrick Dealtry

William Denson

Professor and Mrs G Dewhurst

Mr and Mrs Dewhurst

Jim and Linda Dicks

Mrs Kimberley Didden

Mr K and Mrs L Diggins

Bryan R. Doling

Ian Doling

Mr P and Mrs R Doust

Mrs Jane Dunn

Mrs Joan Eggins

Bernie Evans

Laura Evans

Pam Evans

Richard and Valerie Evans

Mr and Mrs T Everett

Ian and Sue Farman

Noel and Danielle Faulkner

Michael (Mick) Fogarty

Foggy and Loo

Mary Forbes

Joan Foster

Nick and Olivia Fox

Mr M Freeborn

Caroline Friedman

Eric Fry

Louise Fryer

Jacqueline Gale

Ronald Gammie

Mrs Ann Garland (in memorium)

Jonathan and Sally Ann Gilby

Chris and Pat Gillings

Mrs O Glover

Andrew and Julia Gordon Lennox

J I Gover

Dr Jerry Grant

Frank and Vicky Griffin

Chris and Ali Griffiths

Mrs B D Griggs

The Gurney Family

Mrs Penelope Hardwick OBE, JP, DL

Graham Harmes

Sandy Harris, Andy Bevis and the Harris Family

Ken and Margaret Harry

The Harvey Family

Mr and Mrs Peter Henshaw

Jac Hepworth

Mark and Meera Hewitt

Mr Christopher Hoare

Mrs P Hockleyford

Daniel and Diana Hodson

Victoria Holland

Jean Hopkins

Maura Howard

Martin and Lynda Howe

Jim Hubbard's Family

Sophie Hull

Mrs Gillian Hutchison

Jean and Philip Jackson

Mrs Kerry Jackson

Laura Johnson

Mr and Mrs R W Jones

Liz Juniper

Prof E F Juniper and Mrs Jilly Styles

Tony and Rosemary Keating

Diana Keiller

Diana Kelleher

Simon and Becky Kendall

George and Melanie Kent

David and Vivian Lacey

Ann Beazer and Christopher Lane

Mr Eric G Last

The Lay Family

CDR and Mrs J R Lieurance

Geoff Longlands

Mrs D G Lowe

Mr William Macey

Mr and Mrs Peter Malpas

Ann Mansfield

Richard, Sharon and James Mapley

Avis and Piers Marter

The Martin-Jenkins Family

Mr R E McTurk

Celia Merrick

Conny Michael

Rachel and Michael Moriarty

The Moss Family

The Mosse Family

Mr and Mrs Mott

Tessa Mulligan

Mr and Mrs P & L Myles

Pauline and Rob Nelson

Mary Newby

Julia and Len Norfolk

Susie Norton

Elizabeth and Jerome O'Hea

Mr R B Owens

Graham and Sybil Papworth

Mr and Mrs L & J Parker

Denise Patterson

David Peerless

Mr and Mrs M J and S Penfold

The Phillips Family

Mr and Mrs Trevor Phillips

Barbara Pope

Mark and Alva Powell

Heather Pretorius

Mr and Mrs L A Probert

Mrs Sandra Pudduck

Mavis and Raymond Pyne

Martin Rainsley

The Family of John Alfred Rankin

Laurence and Gina Reed

John Reynolds

Patrick Rist

Mrs K E Robertson

Nicholas D Rochez

Mrs Margaret Roope MBE

Adrian and Lyn Rowe

Claire Rudland

David and Judith Russell

John Rutter

The Saam Family

A Sampson

Clare Scherer and Jamie O'Meara

Amanda Sharp

Rev Anthony Shelley

The Sheppard Family

Ian and Dawn Shrives

Alan Smith

Derek and Joan Smith

Mr and Mrs J A Smith and Family

Jeanne Smithwick

Mr and Mrs J A Snell

Ms Cornelia Southerton

Mrs C Southey

John and Lis Spence

Mr David Spofforth

Mrs A Springett

Jan Squires

John Staker

Kitt and Russ Steer

Marika and Mike Stewart

The Community of St John Baptist

Jane and Peter Stoakley

Lindy Stocker

Mrs Vikki Strachan

Mr and Mrs A Strong

Mrs Shirley Strong

Yvonne and Michael Sutters

Richard and Julie Tassell

Mr Neville Taylor

Team Steve: Wendy, Joy, Samantha, Debbie, Ellen, Mary

In Memory of Rosemary Tear

Angie Tenison

Mark Tennant

Barrie Tester

Hannelore Thomas

Sir Jeremy Thomas

In memory of Wynne Thomas

Mr P J and Mrs D N Thompson

Christopher and Mia Tod

Jack and Audrey Todd

Andrew Tomsett

Rosalind Trinkwon

The Troys

Alison Tuck

Mr and Mrs David Tupper D. L.

The Valley Diary

Mrs Patricia Van Giesen

Rev Dr Roy Walford

Dr James Walsh and Family

Mr A and Mrs J Wardlaw

Ursula Watt

Dr and Mrs Dominic Whitehouse

Mrs Kate Whiteley

Suzie Wilde

Pam Wilkinson

Mrs C Ann Willett

Mrs Elizabeth Williams

Mr Lawrence Williams

Malcolm and Sally Williams

Richard Williscroft

Emma Willson's Coffee Morning

Mrs M Wilmot-Wright

Marie Winefield

Maureen Wood

Angela Wormald

L Worsfold

Mrs Jennie Wright

Anjela Young

The Ziardis Family