Volunteer story

Why Ian enjoys volunteering at our eBay shop

We met with Ian, a Volunteer in our e-commerce team to talk about what it’s like working for our online shops.

“Mid 20th century, shows signs of aging, still in working order…” not a description of the author, but a marvellous record player we have just received.

Everyone knows about charity shops, familiar on our streets, but how many know that they are now online? St Wilfrid’s has its own eBay shop which makes a valuable contribution to the charity’s income.

I began volunteering here during the pandemic, so I have nearly three years here, but it does not seem like it since time has just flown by.

There are several roles in St Wilfrid’s eCommerce, such as researching donated items to assess their worth, listing them on eBay, as well as picking, packing and despatch.

The range of goods we receive is amazing, from crockery to clothes, artwork to antique field telephones from 100 years ago. No two days are the same, and equally no two volunteers’ knowledge and experience are the same.

Although I like the antique shows on TV, I am no expert and I thought I would have little to offer.
However, it turned out that some bits of my former
career were useful here, and if there is a common stream running through the volunteers, it is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and help.

Learning from my colleagues has now made the antique shows valuations more fun, but volunteering at St Wilfrid’s Terminus Road Donation Centre brings so much more.

It is a chance for anyone with enough spare time to be part of a team, and to know that we are helping our local

You could help make a difference with a few hours of your time, by volunteering with us.

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