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Looking after Vintage Clothes

Retro and Vintage Manager Annie talks to us about vintage clothing and how to look after older items.

What to look for when buying Vintage Clothing:

When buying Vintage clothing always, before you buy, look out for stains, marks, holes, sweat stains, broken zips and missing buttons.

Look at labels to try to determine the age of the garment but don’t be put off by the sizing as vintage sizing is smaller than the sizes today.  

How to choose something that suits you:

It is all about gut instinct. What sits right with you and how comfortable you feel. There is no rule of vintage fashion, you can create your own individual style. It is all about accessorising as well. With practice choosing the right outfit and accessories, you can be your own inventor: the stylish you. There is a lot of information on the internet to give you inspiration.

Looking after Vintage clothing:

Keep your vintage pieces away from sunlight, the rays damage the clothing fibres. Wash your hands before touching the garment because you could transfer oils and stain the piece. Vintage clothing items are delicate, washing them incorrectly will do irreversible damage. Not all fabrics can be washed in the traditional sense. So, determine fabric type before washing the entire garment. Spot clean to get rid of minor stains. 

The following fabrics can usually be machine washed – cotton, polyester, nylon, synthetics and spandex. Rayon and satin should be hand washed. Leather, plastics and wool will require professional cleaning. Use gentle detergents. Hang your vintage clothes, after wearing, in fresh air, inside out, to continue to be odour free. 

Refrain from using metal hangers to prevent rust or discolouration, use wood hangers if you can. Storage – keep flat to keep in shape and store separately use acid free paper and store in dry cool area. 

So, with these mindful precautions you can wear and appreciate your vintage clothes for years!

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