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Two Marathons for Hospice Care

Our amazing Supporter Lisa took on both the London and Brighton Marathon to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice. She has kindly shared her experience with us.

“Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m 41 and have lived in Bognor all my life and am part of quite a large family.

I didn’t always run, I toyed with it about 10 years ago but then fell out of love with it. But then I had a medical issue and had to have surgery. It all went fine but afterwards I wanted to get myself back on track and fitter so I did the Learn to Run course about 6 years ago with Keith from ToneZone who coaches the St Wilfrid’s London Marathon runners and from there I got back into running and joined ToneZone.

From there, I got caught up with all the group running events, and started off slowly with 10ks, then half-marathons and then I saw St Wilfrid’s had the Marathon places going so I thought, why not? Especially after they helped look after my Mum.

Running is now a big part of my life, even though I work full-time I fit it into my life where I can, around walking the dog and all the usual bits and pieces of life. Training for both the Marathons these last 6 months has been a lot, spending my weekends running but when it’s for a charity you feel so passionate about it does make it easier.

Why support St Wilfrid’s Hospice?

They looked after my Grandad years ago in the old Hospice in Chichester. Then in 2019 they looked after my Mum both at home and provided end-of-life care in the actual Hospice. Until you see it first-hand you don’t realise the special care you get given and it wasn’t just Mum being cared for but our whole family with cups of tea and meals if we wanted them. It made the worst part of my life a little bit easier.

Recently, one of my friends father sadly passed and so again I saw the support she received and I was able to reassure her that there was no better place for her father to be cared for.

So many people are supported by the Hospice and we are so lucky to have it. I’m aware of the running costs of the Hospice and I wanted to help keep the support and recognition going for the Hospice.

Why a marathon?

Well I definitely didn’t want to jump out of a plane! With the running background and encouragement I get from fellow runners, why not? London was a special opportunity and I told my Mum before she died that I was going to take on the Marathon for St Wilfrid’s.

How were the two marathons?

We were very lucky with the weather both days.

I remember all morning of the London Marathon it was pouring it down and right when we left our hotel at half 8, the sun came out. It was really overwhelming. In the London Marathon there were so many people in these big suits and I thought how I wouldn’t even be able to run a mile in those outfits.

The support throughout is everywhere, dancers on the side of the street, drum players under bridges and the sound of it all is so amazing. I had a lot of support on the course for London and did stop for some sweaty hugs for everyone. It’s really nice to see people there on the course.

Brighton isn’t London but the feeling was the same, with everyone nervous and the support was just as good, though there were a few spots where it was quiet and it felt a bit tough. But when you’re running for charity you just keep going because you know why you’re doing it and having the sponsorship definitely spurs you on when it’s feeling tough, so I never thought about stopping even when it was hard.

Another marathon?

Too early to say, I’m definitely in no rush!

What would you say to someone looking at taking on a challenge event to fundraise?

Absolutely do it! It’s such a good feeling to give back to the Hospice.

On a personal level it’s a great achievement, but the fact you’re giving something back as well is an added bonus. Whether I do a marathon again or not, I’m so pleased to have done them and they will stick with me forever.”

In total Lisa raised an incredible £3,616 across both marathons which could help pay for our Clinical Nurse Specialist teams travel costs for over 3 weeks, allowing them to provide expert care and compassion to patients in their own homes.
Feel like running and raising money for St Wilfrid’s Hospice? You can sign up for the Great South Run now!

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