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Robin’s Story – Why I enjoy event volunteering!

We talked with Robin, who kindly volunteered with us at our Christmas Tree Recycling Event this year about how he found the event and volunteering with St Wilfs.

Why did you decide to volunteer with St Wilfs?

It is a very good and deserving charity who do so much for those less fortunate. I want to be a part of it and want to do something to help. For years, I ran the raft race at Midhurst and believe that if you can make fundraising FUN, just like you do with the Christmas Tree event as everyone has a good laugh and no one is ever annoyed or bored of picking up trees. I volunteer because I want to help make it happen and do my bit.

What did you enjoy about the Christmas Tree Event?

This is the second year that I have volunteered for this event and I was really looking forward to it again, which is why I volunteered on all 4 days. I love the camaraderie between everyone as they all want to help, and those who donated are being really sensible for getting their trees recycled to protect our environment rather than on the road or in a pond! We are helping not only those who need the care of St Wilfrid’s but also those in the community and our environment.

Running into those who had donated was always lovely and they shared the love for the Hospice.

It’s just a really fun event with lots of laughter and banter and everyone feels they are doing their bit. I really enjoyed it and think it’s such a good idea.

Will you be volunteering again?

Oh definitely, in fact, I’m really keen to be even more involved before Christmas and help with the planning or checking routes beforehand just to help out even more. I’m also looking at volunteering for the Moonlight Walk.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about Volunteering?

If you want a good few days out with loads of fun and doing something to benefit everybody, then volunteer. Join us!

Get involved in our TreeCycle event!

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