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London Marathon Runners

The London Marathon 2022 has finished and we are so proud and grateful of our supporters who took on this amazing challenge to raise vital funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Read some of the runners stories about preparing for this challenge.

“Hi, My name is Lisa Wadey, and I am running for team St Wilfrid’s in memory of my Mum who was looked after at St Wilfrid’s in October 2019. 

So, I belong to a local running club and have been running for about 4 years, I do the odd 10K and 10 miler here and there but this will be my first ever marathon.

I am so honored to be supporting St Wilfrid’s.  

I am just 10 days shy of the marathon now and to say the 15 weeks training has been tough would be a massive understatement! My Sunday mornings have never started so early (Sundays are for the “long” runs) running through not one, but two UK heatwaves has had its challenges, starting at 6am to beat the heat with a fabulous group of running buddies all on different training plans has really helped keep me motivated. I have dived into shops that are open early morning on our route for water and have been known to hide water on our planned routes so not to run out of water! I have also taken holiday from my full-time job to run, something I never, ever expected to ever do, go to the beach yes, but to run no! 

I am feeling very positive leading up to the marathon, although nervous, I know that I will have Mum and St Wilfs in my heart the entire way round. I am so happy to have met my fundraising target and received so much support from friends and family. 

If anyone is considering running a marathon, I would say go for it, but keep your social schedule clear as it can take over your life for 16 weeks!  St Wilfrid’s offer so much support and a very knowledgeable running coach to help along the way.

Thanks for reading!”

Good luck to all my fellow runners, we have got this! “

Support Lisa here:

“My name is Nathan and I am running the London Marathon in memory of one of my closest friends Tommy who was looked after by the Hospice in his final days.

Tom was just 40 years old when he died and the loss of losing such a close friend had a huge impact on me.

I have run a few half marathons before but never a full marathon. I am incredibly excited and completely daunted all at the same time.

The journey of training and getting ready for the marathon has been so rewarding. Racking up the miles in the heat of the summer has been a challenge but it has become a part of my weekly routine.

Now I am excited about my victory lap on Sunday and the incredible atmosphere in London.

I would encourage anyone to push themselves and consider a challenge event. No matter how old you are – it will make a huge difference to your and others around you.

I am extremely proud to be running for Tommy, his family and anyone who gets to benefit from the amazing work of the Hospice.”

Support Nathan here:

“My name is Fiona and I am running the London Marathon in memory of my mum and dad. Both died after short battles with cancer during the pandemic. Each time St Wilfrid’s were our absolute angels, helping us manage an incredibly difficult time.

I have never run a marathon before. I’ve run half ones but the thought of 26.2 is pretty scary!

The main challenge has been to find the time to put in those practice hours, especially because we were training through this long hot summer. So I had to plan very carefully when and where to run to avoid too much sun! My favourite thing has been to run along the sea in Brighton and at the end of the distance I would run straight into the sea. That was the most amazing feeling and I am sure it has helped my stiff legs!

I am so excited about the race, it  has been an ambition of mine and to run it for my mum and dad is a real privilege. Of course, I am nervous. What if I dont make it round? What if I ‘hit the wall?’ 

I would say to someone who is thinking about running the marathon- JUST DO IT! The planning and the training are all part of the excitement and there are certainly times when you wonder why you are doing it but I know, when I am standing at the start its going to be truly amazing!”

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” My name is Becky and I am running to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice in memory of my Mum and Dad.

We were first introduced to St Wilfrid’s Hospice after my mum’s terminal cancer diagnosis. St Wilfrid’s provided outstanding hospice at home care during the last week of my mother’s life but also gave amazing support to my family during this time.

Without St Wilfrid’s we would not have been able to fulfill my mum’s wishes of passing away at home surrounded by her family. One year later my dad received the devastating news that he also had terminal cancer. My dad was transferred to the hospice from St Richard’s hospital three months prior to his death but due to his complex medical needs we were unable to bring him home.

St Wilfrid’s became a home from home for all of us and dad was ever so comfortable there and again, the level of care was outstanding. I will never be able to thank the hospice enough for all they have done for my family.

Running the marathon to raise funds for them is the least I can do, a truly amazing place, and also to remember my dear mum and dad.”

Support Becky here:

Well done to all of our amazing supporters who ran the London Marathon on Sunday! You are amazing!

Read about their experiences of completing the marathon here:

Have a look at what running events you can do to support St Wilfrid’s.


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