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Jon’s Story

Meet Jon Joshua, one of our brilliant volunteers at St Wilfrid’s. Jon has supported us for many years as a volunteer driver, as well as getting involved in fundraising and our Moonlight Walk. We had a chat with Jon to talk about his experiences at the Hospice.

Hi Jon, can you tell us what inspired you to support St Wilfrid’s?

25 years ago, my Father was admitted to St Wilfrid’s but passed away just an hour after his admittance. It was though, during that very brief, first contact with the Hospice, that I realised what a very special place it was.

10 years later my Mum was cared for at St Wilfrid’s. She was in and out of the Hospice three times, and the third time she was at the Hospice for three weeks before she passed away there. This cemented my relationship with St Wilfrid’s and a year later I became a volunteer.

Tell us a little bit about how you have supported St Wilfrid’s over the years.

I’ve supported St Wilfrid’s by being a volunteer driver for about eight years. I was still flying as Cabin Crew for British Airways at the time, so I would give one or two days a month to carry out my driving duties.

Following my retirement, with more time on my hands, I became a Ward volunteer, which is the role I carry out now.

I’ve also actively helped with the Moonlight Walk over the last few years, putting my qualifications as a fitness instructor to use as the final back marker. Last year (2022), I stepped back from my role as a spinning instructor… I’m now 61! So, to mark this, I completed a non-stop two-hour spin-athon at Westgate Leisure Centre, where I used to teach. I managed it, bit of a sore bottom though, and raised over £700 for the Hospice.

What’s your fondest memory of supporting the Hospice?

There have been many special moments and every shift I work at the Hospice is special.

I remember though very vividly, preparing to set off for the 10 mile Moonlight Walk three or four years ago. In front of me were a lady and a young girl who was about 14, it was clear they were mother and daughter.

They both had Moonlight t-shirts on and on the back, participants were able to write a name underneath the printed “I’m walking for”.

The lady had written ‘My Mum’ and the young girl ‘My Gran’. I still get a little emotional thinking about it.

What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering or fundraising for St Wilfrid’s?

Don’t hesitate, I absolutely promise you will never regret volunteering for St Wilf’s, or helping to raise funds for the amazing place. It rightly is a very special place in our local community.

If, like Jon, you could make a difference by volunteering at St Wilfrid’s Hospice, we have many exciting opportunities available now.


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