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Christmas Cards at our Online Store

We talked with Daniel Lopez, our eCommerce Manager, about our Christmas Cards and 2023 Diaries which we are selling on St Wilfrid’s brand new online shop.

“St Wilfrid’s has 18 Christmas Card designs available this year. Last year we raised over £37,000 from selling our Christmas Cards, which is an incredible amount. In fact it could help to pay for the running costs of the Hospice for almost two days!

So far this year, we have seen the “Three Donkeys” card getting the most popularity, so much so we are about to run out! I do have to agree though, it’s a very fun card to send to your loved ones!

Our Christmas Cards take a long time to get ready as we have hundreds of designs to pick from that we have to slowly cut down to just 18. This takes a few months of feedback before we order the chosen cards in April, a lot earlier than most would expect, but this allows us to get it all printed, delivered and distributed ready for our shops by the end of August so people can get their cards super early and anyone on Holiday in the area can nab one before heading home!

To keep our cards sustainable, we use wallet-style packaging rather than cellophane bags which we have used previously. This means that our cards are much better for recycling, and have no foil or plastic on them to make them better for the environment.

We are hoping to beat last year’s total amount raised with our Christmas Cards this year and help to bring in lots of funds for the Hospice, so please do look at buying your Christmas cards with us as they are great quality, good for the environment and the money raised all goes towards a great cause.”

Christmas Card Three Donkeys
Diaries 2023
St Wilfrid’s Diaries 2023

2023 Diaries

“Our 2023 diaries are available now. This year we broke our tradition of plain colours and have included a patterned design which has proven to be a very popular choice!

We are very grateful for the local businesses who advertise in the diaries, helping to make them possible, and supporting the Hospice in doing so.

Similar to the Christmas Cards, we get onto our diaries very early, in fact our Retail Administrator has just put in the order for 2024 diaries- talk about planning ahead!”

“Both our Christmas Cards and 2023 diaries are available on our online shop which is brand new. You can also find links to our other online sales channels there too, it’s a great new way to easily shop and support St Wilfrid’s online. “

Browse our new online shop here and get your Christmas Card and 2023 Diaries ordered:


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