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Angie’s Story – My 11 years experience as a Hospice supporter

We talked with Angie Tenison who is a long-term supporter of the Hospice, who has been getting involved with fundraising, our supporter groups, and lots more for 11 years. We asked what she gets up to as a volunteer and supporter, and what she enjoys about supporting her local hospice.

How long have you been supporting St Wilfrid’s and what inspired you to get involved?

I have been supporting the Hospice for coming up 11 years now, since around 2010 / 2011. My support began when a friend of mine was admitted to the Hospice when it was on Grosvenor Road in Chichester. Until that point, I knew what a hospice was, but I hadn’t had that much connection previously.

My husband had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005, and we moved here in 2007. So, he was getting to the point where there was no more help available medically, and eventually, he was referred to St Wilfrid’s in Grosvenor Road too.

What type of support do you give the Hospice?

I had started getting a St Wilfrid’s magazine that had some information about supporter groups; Donnington at that point was looking for volunteers. So, I then joined the Donnington Supporter Group. The Hospice then also wanted ambassadors. I applied to become an ambassador and was invited to go forward and took up the ambassador role. In the meanwhile, I was also still helping with Donnington. I did the ambassador role up until around Covid times.

Eventually, I became more involved with other areas of the Hospice, and then I was helping with the odd bits and pieces, such as appearing at and running stalls at events, and I also helped open and worked in the café in the Hospice reception, from the time it opened until we had to close for Covid. I also helped take people around the new Hospice when we did the tours when it opened.

Over the years I have also helped at the Moonlight Walk, checking the walkers in and out which is a great event to volunteer at.

I also often get involved in the retail side of St Wilfrid’s. They would use me to do all sorts, such as meet and greet when our East Street store in Chichester opened and a bit of crowd control. Believe it or not, we needed to do that as it was during Covid and there were lots of rules; we could only have three people in the shop at one time. The queue was huge!

For Christmas, I also help the retail team choose the Christmas cards and I also sell them to friends and family etc. Last year I sold over £860 worth of cards, around 260 packs. They make an incredible amount of money for the Hospice.

Last but not least, I would also do stints in our retail shops, as unfortunately after Covid, our volunteer numbers dropped.

What did you get up to as a Hospice Ambassador?

Being a Hospice Ambassador meant going out with my colleague, Tony, to things like Women’s Institute groups, and Scouts, going to receive cheques from groups who had raised some money, and talking a little bit about the Hospice. We had a long and a short Hospice presentation, and also we were involved with the induction of new Hospice volunteers.

Did you get involved with the building of our new Hospice?

Yes I did, and there are so many stories to tell! We ran several events such as fundraising dinners. I remember one at Rolls Royce and everyone was dancing around the Rolls Royces until the early hours! It was incredible.

As ambassadors, it was such a great way to talk to people about the Hospice, and I remember one of the dinners raising over £100,000, so it was fantastic. It was jolly good fun too.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining the Hospice as a volunteer or supporter?

Absolutely do not hesitate for one second! It is rewarding, and you also meet lots of people. Personally, I feel I can never repay the Hospice for the care they gave my husband. The Hospice is full of sympathy, care, and kindness, and you can’t go wrong with volunteering there.

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