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Ever find yourself suffering from shortness of breath? Or struggling to complete household tasks without gasping for air?

Many people with long term health conditions experience difficulty in breathing, and one of the most common symptoms we see is breathlessness.

Happily with St Wilfrid’s Hospice there is a dedicated team who have the expertise to help people manage their symptoms. In this series of videos and podcasts we will demonstrate a range of techniques you can do safely at home while we talk about what it means to breathe well.

Chris Rawson, Living Well Services Manager said, “With many of our patients now spending more time at home these podcasts and videos make it quicker and easier for more people to find much needed tips and guidance to living more independently with their conditions. It is a proud feeling to witness the vast improvement that can be seen in people’s lives with just a few simple techniques and the determination to improve.”

We hope you find this series useful, interesting and reassuring. Our hope is with each episode you will find breathing a little easier, feel a little calmer and be better able to cope with any breathing difficulties you may experience.

If you need a DVD/CD copy sent to you please register your interest by emailing LivingWellDayServices@stwh.co.uk

Our videos

New episodes will be released each week on our YouTube channel.


Our podcasts

Listen to Breathe Well Live Well podcasts by selecting a podcast and pressing play below:

St James’s Place Charitable Foundation

The Breathe Well, Live Well videos and podcasts have been made possible through a grant programme kindly funded by St James’s Place Charitable Foundation and managed by Hospice UK.

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