St Wilfrid’s Living Well Services are for people living with any illness which impacts negatively on their life and may shorten it. Family carers can also find it useful to attend these services.

The Living Well Centre is designed to give you a place to go where you can focus on learning how to stay independent and keep yourself as well as possible.

Living with illness can be hard. There are different ways to manage illness. Some find it helps to talk with those with similar problems, learning together how to manage. Many find staying active through exercise and other activity helps. Having fun with others can also take your mind from your illness.

It is all about enabling you to enjoy life –understand yourself better, connect with other people and feel the benefit of kindness, friendship, support and having a good laugh.

We have a team of therapists including a chaplain, nurses, doctors and health care assistants who provide a range of group and individual therapies for people living with long-term conditions that impact on their lives. The team are skilled at adapting therapeutic techniques and approaches to meet the needs of individuals.

Once you are referred to us, we will work with you to identify your needs and find the part of the service that works best for you.

A day service providing support, therapies and group activities

Our team of specialist staff is on hand to offer emotional, physical, practical and clinical support.

We encourage independence and resilience, enabling patients to live the best lives they can.

Patients can come to St Wilfrid’s Day Centre for a single activity

We offer activities such as a complementary therapy, exercise class and creative arts sessions, or simply come along for a cuppa and some company.

Sometimes it’s good to have a change of scenery and talk to others in the same situation rather than a spouse or other family member. Some of our services may also available to you in your own home.

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