What is hospice care

Hospices are sometimes confused with care homes, nursing homes or hospitals but are different to all of these. St Wilfrid’s Hospice is a typical example of a hospice, as we: 

  • serve a specific catchment area – our local community 
  • have a Hospice building where we have a 14 bed ward
  • have a Hospice Community Team who visit patients in their own homes- over 90% of our care is delivered this way
  • have a Living Well centre- where people can come for groups, treatments and rehabilitation 

When is a person ready for a hospice? 

You can be referred to a hospice if you have a life limiting illness or condition. You may have several different experiences with St Wilfrid’s- for example, you may come to a Breathe Easy group at the Living Well Centre, then you may need a visit from our Community Clinical Nurse Specialist at home, then you may need to be admitted to the Hospice for a stay on the ward for symptom control. Your needs will be discussed with you, and your care will be based on your needs. 

How long can you stay in a hospice?

If you are admitted to the Hospice for a stay on the ward, your needs will determine how long you stay. You may need to have some symptom control treatment, and then you may be able to go home. If you aren’t well enough to go home, you may stay longer. There aren’t any definite rules. 

What if I don’t want to go to a hospice?

Being comfortable with your care is really important to us. The majority of hospice care is delivered in patients’ own homes where they are in familiar surroundings. Occasionally people feel nervous about coming to the Hospice, but we can assure you we are a friendly bunch and will make you welcome. Just ask us if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer you clearly. You may also like to look at some pictures of the Hospice, or our video tour, or read some stories from other patients. 

Who will care for me at the Hospice? 

We have a caring and passionate team of clinical and medical professionals who are specialists in palliative care. You can also meet our Senior Management Team.

Who might I see on the ward?


Our Housekeeping team keep us all shipshape and shiny. The essential work of our Housekeeping team to keep our environments clean is vital, especially during the pandemic. Our laundry is working 7 days a week to wash and dry all the items we need to use at the Hospice. 


The delicious food that we enjoy is freshly prepared by our catering team in our kitchen. We can cater for all sorts of tastes, so if there is something you’d like then please let us know. 


You are likely to meet some of our superstar volunteers. We can’t run the Hospice without their work, and they might be offering you a cup of tea, making the patient garden look lovely or simply saying hello.

Who else might I meet or speak to? 

Clinical Administrators

The Clinical Administration Team (CATs) process all referrals in to the Hospice and answer incoming telephone calls relating to patient care. They type clinical letters and support the clinicians with administrative tasks. They may be the first person to talk to you or your family on the telephone.

Fundraising and Communications

Our Fundraising and Communications teams can let you know more about the Hospice and how to get involved. Sometimes patients like to tell us their stories about their care at the Hospice, which is really helpful as it lets other patients and loved ones know what to expect. Sometimes, friends and family members want to get involved in supporting the Hospice, and our friendly Fundraising team can help you with any ideas, large or small. 

We have a video explaining Hospice Care and how St Wilfrid’s supports local lives in the community here