we care

Develop and enhance the provision of high quality specialist palliative and end of life care services.

  • Provide and maintain the facilities to deliver our services
  • Extend the reach of our services to more people in our community
  • Provide more care to people in their own homes
  • Increase flexibility and capacity of services to meet people’s changing and growing needs
  • Continue to improve the quality and availability of our services
  • Work in collaboration with commissioners and other providers
  • Promote good communication and enable patients and their loved ones to take an active role in decisions about their care

we communicate

Share our knowledge and expertise to increase impact, awareness and understanding of our work.

  • Raise and enhance our positive public image
  • Implement a communications programme, using our key messages and identity
  • Make it easier for people to engage with us
  • Increase the awareness, range and quantity of education and training opportunities
  • Increase the skills and confidence of those delivering end of life care in all settings
  • Help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement

we are custodians

Raise funds and use our resources (human, financial and physical) to fulfil our purpose.

  • Generate the funds required to achieve our purpose by:
    • Growing retail and fundraising activities and profitability
    • Seeking to increase the amount of statutory income received
  • Improve efficiency and best use of the money we receive by careful financial management
  • Develop a workforce plan to meet growing needs and changing nature of workforce
  • Broaden the scope and role of our volunteers across the organisation
  • Support, inspire and recognise our staff and volunteers
  • Use technology to support efficiency in all areas

Strategic priorities

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