A common worry is that anyone who comes to a hospice will never go home again. Many patients choose to spend their last days with us because they know the care they will receive is outstanding. However, for some of our patients, they come to stay to help gain control of their symptoms or for a full assessment of the support that they require. They may only need to stay for a few days before going home again or may move to a nursing home for longer- term care.

Our specialists plan admissions based on the support that you require rather than how long you may have been on the waiting list. This means you may have to wait for a few days until a room is available. If you require urgent support, we can admit you over the weekend when we have availability.

Our ward nursing staff provide 24-hour nursing care and are well trained and experienced in providing you with the support you need.

Watch our Video talking about the care provided in the Hospice

From the minute you walk in the door and have a tour of the building you feel love and warmth and it will help alleviate your worries and fears for your loved one. You really should see it for yourself.

Patient’s son – glen