Family services

Providing patients, their families, friends and carers with support and practical advice.

We understand that facing life when you or a loved one is terminally ill, can not only be emotionally challenging but it can also be hard to deal with the practicalities of day-to-day that still have to carry on. Our Family Services Team is there to guide and support patients and their loved ones through these difficult times.

When my husband was diagnosed with MND he had to give up work. I was his full time carer so I couldn’t work either and within a short period of time things got really tough. The team at St Wilfrid’s offered me practical help and advice about which benefits and extra support I might be entitled to.

Our Family Services Team comprises Social Workers, Counsellors and Chaplains as well many volunteer Hospice Visitors. Together they provide emotional support, spiritual support and counselling to help patients and their loved ones, including children, cope with the impact of terminal illness.

They can also offer support and advice concerning people’s social situation including aspects such as housing and benefits and can signpost or refer on to other relevant organisations and services that can offer additional help.

If you have any questions about any of the services above, please call us on 01243 775302 for more information.