Being a Carer

Our Carers Support group offer essential support and advice to carers.

A carer is anyone who cares for a friend or family member who cannot cope without their support, usually due to illness. Carers don’t choose to become carers and it’s likely that every one of us will have caring responsibilities at some time in our lives. 

Caring for someone is an important and rewarding role but one which is often a 24 hour job that can be very demanding and isolating for the carer. Many don’t think of themselves as carers so often miss out on help that is available.

I found the advice and support I received through the group invaluable. I found out about benefits and support I didn’t know about. The best bit was talking to other carers and knowing I wasn’t on my own.

The Carers Support group meets on the last Wednesday of every month and is open to both patients under the care of the Hospice and relatives or friends who are caring for them.

Each month we have a guest speaker as well as our regular exercise class, creative arts group and advice session run by Carers Support West Sussex. Carers Support can offer invaluable, practical information and advice as well as emotional support.

You are welcome to join us for just one session, or for the whole day. Our café is open all day and a selection of sandwiches, cakes and refreshments are available for a small charge from the volunteer-run café.  

If you have any questions about any of the services above, please call us on 01243 775302 for more information.