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National Complementary Therapy Week

Angela Alexandru
Angela Alexandru

On this National Complementary Therapy Week, we celebrate our team and their wonderful work and services offered to our community. At St Wilfrid’s, we believe in a holistic approach for our patients. That is why, combined with a treatment to ease the side effects and symptoms of your life-limiting illness, we also offer Complementary Therapy.

If you want to know more about Complementary Therapy, read our blog below which provides information and our available services.

What is Complementary Therapy?

Some of our patients engage in complementary therapies alongside their treatment.
These therapies are not a treatment plan on their own but can be a pleasant addition to your medication, also known as conventional medicine.

What are the benefits of Complementary Therapy?

Some benefits of taking part in Complementary Therapies alongside your medical treatment can be various:

  • Help cope with the side effects of your illness
  • Help release stress and anxiety related to your treatment plan
  • Help feel more in control of your treatment plan
  • Help feel comfort and satisfaction in the touch and talk involved

What are the different types of Complementary Therapy?

Different types of complementary therapies have different focus points in patients, and research shows that these can be divided into the following categories:

Mind-body therapies

These combine breathing, mental focus, and body movements to help you relax the body and mind. These include meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis, yoga, tai chi, imagery, and creative outlets.

Manipulative and body-based therapies

Manipulative and body-based therapies work with one or more parts of the body, focusing primarily on its structures, including the bones and joints, soft tissues, and the circulatory system.
Some examples of these practices are:
• Massage therapies
• Chiropractic therapies
• Reflexology

Energy therapies

Energy therapies are healing techniques that aim to balance your energy flow. This is done by harmonising the energy fields in and around the body to promote health, positive thoughts and emotions, and overall well-being.

Some examples of energy-healing therapies are reiki, a Japanese technique that intends to rebalance the energy flow, and acupuncture, which works by manipulating the body’s energy.

What Complementary Therapies do we offer?

At St Wilfrid’s, we offer various complementary therapies to our patients:

  • Reflexology – it involves gentle massage and pressure techniques applied to the hands or feet. This brings a sense of relaxation and helps restore balance to the body.
  • Hypnotherapy – helps to improve awareness of the body, thoughts, breath, and reactions to life’s situations. You will learn the basics of hypnotherapy and techniques that can be used daily.
  • Neutral Space Relaxation – this therapy is thought to help the energy flow in the body and promote a deep sense of relaxation.
  • Hand Massage – our therapists use a variety of strokes with an unscented oil or lotion to bring about physical and emotional ease.
  • Indian Head Massage – this type of massage can be beneficial for relieving stress and tension, whether that is physical or emotional.
  • Yoga – a practice that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing to boost physical and mental well-being.


“Cathy has been looking after me for a while now and every visit with her is an absolute joy. She is so kind, it is not just about reflexology but I feel completely calm and relaxed in her company. Initially, I was sceptical about how the treatment could help me, however after the first session the benefit was apparent. The feeling of calm stays with me all day, it’s so wonderful and I am so very grateful to Cathy and the whole hospice for providing this service. There is no answer to the grief one feels on the death of a much-loved life partner, but knowing such a caring environment and loving people are there for us is such a comfort. Thank you, I have felt totally supported by Cathy and every department.”

– A loved one

“Every fortnight I come to the Hospice and I visit for counselling, reflexology and Reiki. It is better than any medication and I can’t even describe how much they have helped me. I have such a special connection with Cathy, if I could get a prescription for Cathy, I would! I actually think she has magical powers, and if there are angels on earth, Cathy is mine.”

– A St Wilfrid’s Patient

Book your session

If you or your loved one are a Hospice patient, whether at our Ward or are cared for at your home, our complementary therapy sessions are free of charge.

See the times here and come celebrate National Complementary Therapy Week with us! If you have enquiries about our services, please contact the Complementary Therapy Coordinator at 01243 775302.


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