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Meet our Woof for Wilfers

Freddie Chandler
Freddie Chandler
This October 22nd, we are gathering dogs and their owners to join us for a sponsored dog walk along West Wittering Beach. We met with a few of the paw-some dogs taking part to find out more about them.

Hello humans! I’m Madge, a 15 year old (that’s 2 years old to you) Shih Tzu from Felpham.

I love to play with my best friend Angel the Ragdoll cat, running across the beach, and most importantly belly rubs! My owner loves to take me out all across Sussex, but my favourite place of all is Kingly Vale. There are so many hills I can run up and down on, and so many other doggie friends to meet. Recently I’ve overheard one of my friend’s owners talking about a sponsored walk with other dogs for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, I’m definitely up for that! So, I’ve got my owner to sign up for the walk and now we’re going. I’m extremely excited to be walking for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, and I can’t wait to see all of my other fluffy friends, and new friends too.

My owner and I are signing up to continue the fundraising legacy of Pamela Green, my owner’s Nana who contributed and raised funds for the hospice for 20 years.

Hi, my name is Poppy, I’m a Jackapoo and I am 3 years old.

I adore long walks in the countryside; wading in streams, bounding across fields, meeting other dogs and their owners and sniffing galore. Sometimes during my walks, the joy is just too big to hold in and I have to run in big circles to let it out. People always laugh when I do it, so I think they can feel the joy too.

When I’m at home though, I’m a different dog, loving warm evenings on the sofa with my head on my owner’s lap. I’m masterful at napping, and my ability to completely relax reminds my owner to stop and enjoy the moment, and that it’s important to ‘be’ as well as ‘do‘.

I’m not at all keen on baths and can’t understand why I need to have that awful soapy smell when the things I roll in when I’m out and about are so much more tangy and pleasing. Humans are odd, aren’t they?

I’m really excited to be walking for St Wilfrid’s Hospice; my owner has told me it will help people, and I’m all for that – plus I’m looking forward to meeting some new doggy friends.

Hi, my name is Skippa, I am a blue roan, Cocker Spaniel girl and I am 11.5 years old.

I have lived in Selsey all my life and my favourite place is definitely the beach. I love to roll on my back, dig big holes in the sand, paddle and dive under the waves for stones, which I like to collect and make into a little stash on the beach. 

I love going on walks and on holidays, exploring every tree, bush, stream or river. And if I see a squirrel or pheasant, that’s it…I am off in hot pursuit. I once lost my humans because I chased a pheasant through a wood and ended up on a road in Somerset. Thankfully another friendly human picked me up and my family came and rescued me, but not before I was given a very tasty roast lamb dinner. I do like my food.

I have walked many miles in my life but this getting older lark is not so much fun. In the last year I have had to spend a lot of time at the dreaded vets. First due to a nasty adder bite in my throat and then more recently, to have cancer treatment. Running around has been much harder since then and although my head tells me I am still a puppy this old body hurts a bit more afterwards. So, I like to follow the sunshine around the house and snooze during the day and then use the old ‘pleading eye’ routine in the evening to get cuddles off my humans. Oh, and Bonio’s…

I am excited to be walking for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, I know what it is like living with cancer and the support you need to carry on enjoying your life for as long as you can. We all need our humans to care for us. And it’ll be one more tail-wagging adventure for me to enjoy.

Hi my name is Brian , I’m a Tibetan Terrier,  and I am 3 years old.

I love to go walkies, Mum & Dad are pretty good at it, and I go with lots of my Tibetan Terrier friends- I’m bringing 5 of my mates with me to Woof for Wilf. I invented a fun game which we once played at West Witterings. It’s called bog snorkeling. It involves finding stinky mud or dirty water & rolling in it as much as I can! I also LOVE treat’s and cuddles. I don’t like having my flowing locks combed after I’ve made them stinky, but I like the warm shower.

Mum & Dad say Tibetan Terriers are a very special breed, used in monasteries to alert the monks if there was an intruder. BUT. We are very good at letting people know of danger – so they can go and sort it out. We don’t dirty our paws with such things. We are very fluffy, but we have big hearts, Tibetan Terriers can herd cattle, which is part of why they are called Terriers, although all the Tibetan Terrier parents say we are not really Terriers at all. One of my relatives once won Crufts.

I am so excited to be walking for St Wilfrid’s Hospice and can’t wait to take my owner out for a nice early morning stroll along West Wittering beach. It’s a lovely place to walk, with sea to dip in and sand to frolic on.

We are walking for St Wilfrid’s Hospice because Mum works there and does not stop telling me how amazing it is, how lovely the Hospice is, what great work they do, how lovely her colleagues there are and how it only runs from the generosity of the local community.

You can join Madge, Poppy, Skippa, Brian and many more dogs this October 22nd by signing up to take part in our charity dog walk! Get involved here:


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