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Looking for our new CEO this Hospice Care Week

We asked our People Director, Cat Horlock, to share her thoughts on our current search for our new CEO.

“It can be quite intimidating to learn, a few weeks into a new role as People Director, that one of your priorities in the upcoming months will be to lead on finding yourself (and around 250 other staff members) a new boss.

This was the situation I was faced with when I learned that Alison Moorey, current CEO of St Wilfrid’s Hospice with a tenure of almost 25 years, had decided to retire. Alison leaves an amazing legacy at St Wilfrid’s and one part of this is how she, as a leader, makes our staff and volunteers feel so involved and engaged in the impact the hospice has on local lives.

One person, of course, cannot do the work of all; it’s a team effort and those skills of developing teams of managers, clinicians, support staff, of empowering every person in every role to bring our values to life, are the ones that we want to see as we look for our future leader.

So whilst experience and skills, especially transferable skills earned in diverse environments, are important; what is essential as we look to the future and we build on Alison’s legacy is to engage with candidates on their values. At St Wilfrid’s our work is defined by the values of Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration. Providing future direction to those values, in a way that is meaningful and engaging for our people and our community, will be the legacy of our new CEO.

I’m curious to see, through our recruitment process, how our candidates will tell us their stories about the values they hold dear.”

Are you our next CEO, or could you apply your skills and experience to a different role at St Wilfrid’s? This Hospice Care week, consider a career in your local community hospice, making a difference to local lives.


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