Vintage Affair 2018 preparations underway

St Wilfrid’s Hospice holds the ever popular ‘Vintage Affair’ at the Assembly Rooms in Chichester as part of our annual events. Originally it was just one evening held in our South Street shop which was held around 2 weeks before the Goodwood Revival. It proved so popular that we had to make the event longer, and in a bigger venue so that everyone that wanted to could attend!

Preparing for this event is a task that starts as soon as the previous vintage affair finishes!

All of our stores collect anything that they deem to be vintage or retro and bag it up to be taken to our Terminus Road donation centre. There, the retro team have two huge rooms which are solely used to store anything that can be used in the next years Vintage Affair.

Once a week Louise Drudge – Retro and Vintage Shop Manager, or one of her team come to Terminus Road and sort through all the donated bags. There is a huge array of things including clothes, bric-a-brac, suitcases and trunks, prams, sewing machines, clocks, wedding dresses and suits, to name but a few!

The day before the event is a race against time making sure the room is set up with all the stock displayed- it really is all hands on deck.

On the day itself, Louise and her team have an hour to make any final preparations before the doors open! When the Vintage Affair has come to an end, there is one final push to make sure the room is back to its former state.

The Vintage Affair is a huge event for St Wilfrid’s and it is going from strength to strength. Louise is always after new volunteers to help with the preparations and the event itself so if you would be interested in helping then please pop into the Vintage and Retro shop in Eastgate Square, Chichester for a chat.

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