Spinnaker Tower Abseil 2018

Saturday 21 July 2018 saw #TeamWilf take on an incredible and memorable challenge, with an abseil down the famous landmark Spinnaker Tower in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. Over 40 brave supporters and their families came along to make this a fantastic day to remember, and the weather was truly on our side with the sun shining bright and no rain in sight.

The team of 40 were split up into groups of 6 abseilers and they descended the tower in pairs. Being part of a smaller group allowed everyone to support each other at the top if last minute nerves began to show.  

The cheers of the crowd below offered loads of encouragement to keep the abseilers going until they reached the safety of the ground!

Once the challenge had been completed, each person who took part was presented with a medal by our Community Fundraising Manager Alex Burch, and Events and Community Officer Kelly Norris, along with cheers of congratulations and thanks for being so brave.

Joan Langhorne who took part in the abseil wanted to let us know how much she enjoyed the day.

I just wanted to thank Alex and Kelly for giving us all such a lovely, friendly reception at the Spinnaker Tower. You both organized the event so well and my family supporters and I had such a great time – thank you for a lovely day out!

Joan Langhorne

On Thursday 16 August we held a thank you evening in the Day Hospice for everyone that took part. The 15 abseilers who attended had nibbles, chocolate brownies and watched a montage of photos from the day on the big screen. There was a lovely atmosphere with all our supporters swapping stories about their experience and quite a few said that they were really pleased they’d come as it gave them a chance to chat to other people who really understood the exhilaration of the event.

For some, it was the realisation of what they had actually managed to achieve! There were lots of very funny stories shared about not thinking they’d be able to do it once at the top, but with the help of the instructors and with good humour, they had made it all the way down. Everyone was really proud of what they had done and rightly so - as of the last count the abseil had raised an incredible £16,320, but with donations still coming in, this figure is continuing to rise. Combined with the sponsorship money from all our abseilers over the last year, the total figure is an impressive £21,657 – this is enough to fund the Community Nurses travel expenses to patients across the county for nearly 10 months!

Thank you to all of the brave people who took on this challenge to help raise money to make a difference to local lives. If you are interested in taking part in one of our future events please take a look here and see if you could rise to the challenge!