Sew Something Family - Face of Moonlight Walk 2019

In honour of Mothers Day, the Sew Something family share a speech they gave ahead of last years Moonlight Walk in 2019...


Four months ago I'd never heard of St Wilfrid's. But on the 27th January just 6 weeks after her diagnosis Mum was transferred to St Wilfrid's from St Richards. She passed away 6 days later.

However, in those final 6 days of her life Mum received care beyond anything we could have imagined. She was treated with love and compassion by everyone she met. They gave her massages and bubble baths. They sat with her when she was scared and gave her endless cups of tea. St Wilfrid's allowed Mum to retain every ounce of her dignity at a time when she could have lost it all.

And it wasn't just Mum they gave this love and care too. When the hospice saw that Mum came with the horde that is our family, they moved her into a larger family room and so we could visit and her husband Dave could stay. This allowed Mum to have time with us all; including her much loved grandchildren Delilah and Harriet. It is so lovely to see that this new building has the scope to allow all rooms to have spaces for loved ones to stay. Mum found real peace in knowing that her beloved husband Dave was able to stay overnight with her. We are all so thankful that all patients will be able to get this opportunity now. When you don't know how much time you have left every moment feels precious and it really feels like, with the design of this new building, St Wilfrid's clearly understand the importance of family.

The night before Mum passed lots of us stayed the night on sofas in the hospice. The staff couldn't have done more for us. Again, this new building has even greater space for families to be together in the lounge, snug areas and more private areas, as well as much needed showering facilities when families know that going home for the night just isn't the right thing to do. It just highlights that St Wilfrid's are here to care for everyone that is affected by terminal illnesses.

As a family we are really pleased that other families that face the horrific prospect of end of life care will now be able to receive it with state of the art equipment and an even wider range of therapeutic and social activities that can help to boost wellbeing and ensure patients have the best quality of life. Our family will be forever thankful for the amazing work that St Wilfrid's do and we can see this new building, which is twice the size of the one Mum stayed in, will enable St Wilfrid's to help an even greater number of those in need.