Rosemary's story

After the sudden death of my husband a few months ago, it was suggested that I attend a bereavement group so I went to a meeting. The members were kind and friendly but I felt it was not what I needed, so I became a volunteer at my local hospice shop. I started with some trepidation, especially with regard to the till as I neither own nor feel the need for a computer! I need not have worried. Our understanding manager ensures we have experience of the variety of jobs (even calmly correcting my errors such as entering £1000 instead of £1!). I really enjoy working as part of a friendly and welcoming team. More importantly to me, it has meant that I can repay, even if only slightly, the wonderful support both my husband and I received from the hospice team at a very difficult time.

Rosemary Radford
Volunteer Cashier, Barnham Charity Shop