Peggy's Story

Volunteer Peggy Gumbrell from Felpham has been involved with the Moonlight Walk since its beginnings a decade ago. “I’m quite happy giving my time as I’m aware how staff at the hospice give theirs to people. They are always prepared to listen and respond quickly to an individual’s needs, then do their best to tailor make the care that is required.”

As a steward on the Moonlight Walk, Peggy has helped set up and run some of the refreshment stops along the route, including Swanfield Chapel.

By the time the walkers reach us at the chapel they’re ready for a rest. As an ex-nurse I can see straight away if someone needs a bit of sympathy, especially if they look tired or have sore feet. The team soon give them what they need and set them on their way again.

Peggy enjoys the strong sense of camaraderie between the many volunteers working behind the scenes: “There has to be good communication between everyone, with the marshalls out on the road and the between the various helpers, including the church members at Swanfield. Over the years we’ve built up a strong relationship with everyone involved.”

In the past ten years, Peggy has made lots of contact with fellow volunteers and encouraged people to take part in the walk. For her the start of the event is a magical moment: “There’s such a great atmosphere and team spirit when everyone first arrives; it’s quite exciting. You see people meeting up again, some having not seen one another since the previous year; so it’s also an opportunity for a reunion.”