Patient story

I was diagnosed with cancer and got referred to St Wilfrid’s. My nurse recommended that I come in for some physiotherapy. I knew there were beds and a ward at the hospice, but I didn't know about this other side of it.

After previous bad experiences elsewhere I was reluctant to go along, but my nurse assured me that this would be different and how right she was. This service has been absolutely fantastic. Due to my illness I was told that I would never be able to walk unaided again. But since I've been going to physiotherapy I have progressed from a wheel chair to crutches and now to a walking stick. It has been amazing. I was surprised to find that the rehabilitation programmes they give are tailor-made for each patient. They really focus on you, which I was so happy about. Also the sense of ‘everyone is equal’ was really important, it allowed camaraderie with the patients and staff, which enabled us as a group to push each other on and improve.

Taking part in exercise and rehabilitation has had many other positive effects on me. Although the drugs I take for my treatment do give me down days, on the whole my mood has dramatically improved, giving me a new lease of life. It is so important to promote these services to enable further patients to benefit in this way.