Pam Evan's Story

Pam Evans is thankful that eight years ago rather than going by her initial reaction and saying ‘No’ when asked by her floristry tutor if she would be willing to help out with the flowers in St Wilfrid’s Hospice, she said yes! 

Like so many people, Pam held a common misconception that the hospice is a depressing place to work in. However she soon discovered:

The Hospice is such a happy, friendly and welcoming place to be.  I can honestly say that volunteering at the Hospice is the most worthwhile thing that I have ever done.” 

Eight years on Pam hasn’t regretted a moment of her time volunteering at the Hospice. After seeing the joy on patients faces when she came into their rooms to refresh their flowers, Pam decided to run free flower arranging classes for patients, so they can make flower arrangements for their rooms or give to their loved ones.

The look of absolute pride and joy on the face of one little old chap as he presented his daughter with the arrangements that he had made, was worth more to me than any salary.”

In addition to her flower arranging skills, friendships have also blossomed through her volunteering, as she joined the Hospice Choir, “a group of enthusiastic amateurs who have a good laugh and sing at venues all over the area, raising money for the hospice.”

Further unexpected rewards for the time Pam gives to the hospice freely, include her being one of the volunteers to represent St Wilfrid’s at Queens garden party at Buckingham Palace in 2012, when the hospice volunteers won “The Queens’ Award for Voluntary Service.” 

Talking about the experience Pam stated: “Rolls Royce provided a brand new 350 thousand pound car and chauffeur to take us there and back. It was a glorious day of sunshine, champagne and luxury. In addition, I also have had the honour of making a bouquet for Princess Alexandra when she visited the hospice.”  

Pam then added: “The personal satisfaction that I get from volunteering is indescribable. I would recommend volunteering to everyone. Even if it is for just a couple of hours a week, I can guarantee that they will be the most fulfilling couple of hours in your week. No matter what is happening in my life, my troubles disappear as I cross the hospice threshold and I enjoy every minute of my time at St Wilfrid’s Hospice.”

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