Love in the Moonlight

A chance meeting over a glow stick then a chat at the canal…and so the story begins!

After Debbie Spreckley’s father and David Johnson’s wife both died under the care of the Hospice, they each decided they wanted to give something back, so signed up for the Moonlight Walk in 2012.

Debbie was joined by her sister, Louise, and David teamed up with old family friend, Elaine.

After meeting at the beginning of the walk and then again at the canal, Debbie and David continued chatting and in no time, had left Louise and Elaine trailing behind. At the end of the walk they said their goodbyes, but when Debbie saw the photos in the Observer the following week, she decided to get in touch with David again and they arranged to meet for dinner.

One date led to another and the rest, they say, is history!  After a romantic proposal in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight – a place that David knew was very special to Debbie and her Father, they married on March 29th 2014 in Havant.


“I think it’s real fate, to lose someone and to find happiness from it - it was meant to be - someone was obviously looking down on us that night.”

Debbie Spreckley

They are both such passionate supporters of the Hospice that they finished off their wedding day by attending the Lavant Support Group Barn Dance in the evening, and now they both regularly volunteer for us - Debbie on the ward and David as a driver.

“It’s fantastic to be able to give something back to the Hospice,” said David.  “I felt a real peacefulness when my late wife was here and I wanted to be part of the team, helping families, making their journey easier, because I’d been through it, too.”

Over 11 years our amazing supporters have made Moonlight Walk truly special and helped raise vital funds. Thank you for raising money in a million ways, through sponsorship, donations, coffee mornings and jumble sales. This year we aim to raise £100k with prizes for the top 3 teams and the top 3 best individual fundraisers available. For the first time we are also offering individual fundraisers the opportunity to become 'Super star walkers' and earn a special hoodie if they can raise over £200 each. 

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