Linda’s story


Linda Worsfold, from Chichester, has completed the walk no less than seven times! Firstly in memory of her mum and then later with her daughter in memory of her late husband who died at the Hospice four years ago.

I was overwhelmed by the care and love shown by St Wilfrid’s. The hospice garden was such a tranquil place to just sit quietly together and feel peaceful. What I really appreciated after my husband died was the continuing care on offer to help you find ways to cope and take care of yourself.


Linda is a keen believer that regular walking not only keeps her fit and healthy, but also helps strengthen her bones to ward off osteoporosis. “I’ve done the walk in all weathers – wind, rain and glorious moonlight,” she says. “It’s such a positive experience, the helpful volunteers cheering you on, the tins of sweets, the great atmosphere – everyone has their own story to tell – we’re like a big family, bonded by the same purpose.”

For Linda, who has taken part in both the 5-mile and 10-mile walks, the event provides a good excuse for her to keep in touch with people and get them involved. “My daughter walks with me and now my grandchildren are very keen to join us when they’re old enough – for them the idea of going out in the middle of the night with a torch is very exciting!”

Linda has many positive memories of the Moonlight Walk: “On one of them, I remember the fire brigade shining their search lights along Centurion Way to light it up. They really got into the spirit of things and made it fun for everyone.” Another memorable sight for Linda was in Bishop's Palace Gardens, “the volunteers had hung fairy lights to illuminate the paths and it looked so pretty. It was a lovely surprise, especially the first time I saw it.”

Each walk has been an uplifting experience for Linda as well as a poignant one.

At the Swanfield Chapel there’s always a good supply of cakes and hot drinks to greet you, but it’s also a very tranquil place to show your respect for others and to take time out to reflect on your own.