A journey of love and survival

When Kath Tanswell was devastatingly only given a matter of days to live, her son Glen called the Hospice’s Community Nurse for help. It was a bank holiday Monday and he could not get hold of anyone else who was able to help.

Kath was admitted into St Wilfrid’s to try to stabilise her condition and with the care and support of all the medical staff she was eventually well enough to return to her son’s house to live. 

Kath was initially diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 2012, then in January 2017 she was subsequently diagnosed with secondary cancer. This was when she had her first encounter with the Community Nursing team at the Hospice and the work that we do here at St Wilfrid’s. 

After chemo and radiotherapy Kath underwent an operation which left her extremely weak and things escalated from there.

“Anyone in my situation who has the opportunity to use St Wilfrid’s Hospice should do so“ said Kathy. “It is nothing like people’s preconceived ideas. You will be surrounded by people who show genuine love and support.”

Her son, Glen added. “If a family member is referred to the hospice, then go and see the place before they do. From the minute you walk in the door and have a tour of the building you feel love and warmth and it will help alleviate your worries and fears for your loved one. You really need to see it for yourself.”

Kath and Glen now live by the motto “Do one thing well everyday” – which you can clearly see they are both enjoying!

Kath has worked for Tesco’s in Bognor for 25 years as a customer service advisor and when she was admitted to St Wilfrid’s her colleagues decided to raise some money to help. Glen has also started to fund raise and took part in our Bubblerush event last year, and along with family and friends has managed to raise over £2500!

Glen and Kath wanted to spread the word about the wonderful work St Wilfrid’s do.

Since this story was first published, Kath has died. We are so grateful to her and Glen for sharing their story.