June's Story

At the beginning of 2017 St Wilfrid’s Hospice celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The Hospice relies on its dedicated staff and volunteers to provide the wide range of services offered to the community: one person who has been involved from the beginning is one of our Housekeepers, June Fellows.

June remembers how the first years at St Wilfrid’s were hard work but lots of fun.

Initially starting with one other colleague, Gloria Smith, cleaning the offices and reception areas, June has seen the housekeeping team grow over the years as the Hospice itself has grown. Thirty years later, she still works three evenings a week in the laundry room, and also helps out with any cleaning or anything else that might need doing.

Joining on day one, I expected to just be a cleaner but from the minute I walked in I was treated as one of the team.


June experienced what a special place the Hospice can be when three members of her family became very ill. It was really important to her that they were referred to St Wilfrid's so they were able to benefit from the love and attention that all patients receive.

Having been here since the beginning, as you can imagine, June's witnessed many important milestones...

A special memory for me is the day St Wilfrid’s was officially opened by the Duchess of Kent in 1987. It was a super day with policemen everywhere. Everything was going smoothly until the sniffer dog jumped up onto the table which was being laid for tea with the Duchess – the late Matron, Pat Camilleri, hit the roof and left the policemen shaking in their boots!

It is a privilege to work at St Wilfrid’s – it simply is an incredible place