Inside the tour of St Wilfrid's new Hospice

Dreambuilding campaign supporters, our new Bosham neighbours and members of the press have now had a tour of St Wilfrid’s brand new £16.2 million home on Walton Lane, Bosham.

The 65 years and older population is expected to rise by over 50% over the next twenty years in all the areas we serve in the county. This new building has been designed future proof so St Wilfrid’s work supporting the community with end of life care can meet the challenges of the next three decades and beyond.

It has taken over 16 months and thousands of hours of construction to build the hospice using 82,609 bricks to form over 100 rooms. St Wilfrid’s has raised an impressive £3 million in the past 12 months alone thanks to support from the public, local businesses, schools and supporter groups.

At 4473 square metres the hospice is over twice the size of the existing/previous 2053 square metre one at Grosvenor Road, Chichester.

The new Hospice opens to patients in July with many enhanced facilities;

  • Welcoming and calming family areas enable family and friends to make the most of every moment with their loved one, staying over if they wish. Two of these rooms will be larger still, to enable families with children to stay overnight.
  • An expanded Living Well Centre offers a great variety of therapeutic and social activities to boost wellbeing and enable visitors to live more independently for longer.
  • There is also a non-denominational chapel and prayer room for personal reflection with a publicly available volunteer-run café for visitors to enjoy.

Lorraine Coram, a member of the ‘Sew Something’ family who recently said goodbye to their mother at St Wilfrid’s, made a short speech ahead of the latest tour:

"When you don’t know how much time you have left every moment feels precious and it really feels like, with the design of this new building, St Wilfrid’s clearly understand the importance of family.

St Wilfrid’s allowed Mum to retain every ounce of her dignity at a time when she could have lost it all. Our family will be forever thankful for the amazing work St Wilfrid’s do, and we can see with this new building St Wilfrid’s will be able to help an even number of those in need”.

You can join a public tour of the exciting new purpose built building this Summer and find out all about the incredible work that St Wilfrid’s does to support people living with terminal or life limiting illness.

During your visit you will be able to meet staff, ask questions and get advice about the care and support they can offer. Tickets for the public tours are available on one of nine dates available running from 20 August to 8 September 2019 at