Graham's Story

Graham Easton is one of our patients that has spent time on both the Inpatient Ward and is currently attending the Day Centre.

We talked to him about the benefits he’s found coming to the Day Centre and about how it has helped him to live better with his illness. 

I find the Day Centre really beneficial. I have been taught things that enable me to help myself in simple but very effective ways. It has helped me to relax and overcome the fear I had about a lot of things I didn’t understand fully – it truly has made me feel a lot happier and more in control.

I have also gained real peace of mind by attending the activities on offer. One of the best courses I’ve attended is the Breathlessness Group which has made a considerable difference to my morning routine by teaching me a few simple techniques to aid my breathing. This has allowed me to manage my pain and as a consequence, control my medication a lot better.   

Another activity I love at the Hospice is when the PAT dogs come in. We get a chance to spend time with the dogs and it really makes me happy to be in their company.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Hospice to people in my situation and encourage them to take advantage of everything on offer. There really is something to benefit everybody here and there really is nothing to be scared about.