David Middleton's story

David was one of our patients that used St Wilfrid’s Hospice Day Centre. When he was referred to St Wilfrid’s he had a look at all that was on offer and was immediately interested in the creative arts group (which is held on a Wednesday).

David had never tried anything remotely artistic in his life and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new.

David’s wife came from an artistic background and had lots of her own equipment and brushes at their home, although David had never been inspired to try it for himself until he joined the Day Hospice.

When David joined the group, as a complete novice, he took instantly to trying a variety of different techniques and started learning new skills every time he attended. He enjoyed the art group so much he was even inspired to buy some of his own equipment and brushes that he kept at home alongside his wife’s! 

David said “I wouldn’t say I am still any good at art but I enjoy trying and spending time on the projects and it has been a good opportunity for me to try something completely new”.

He can now sit happily for hours and work on a piece at home and it has bought him much enjoyment and satisfaction.

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