Data Care

Everyone at St Wilfrid’s treasures the special contact we build up with the people we care for and their loved ones.

Our ‘Data Care’ programme reviews all the records that we hold to ensure we continue to provide open and honest communications with all our supporters. This project reaches every part of our organisation and links to any records we keep. We’ve asked that all our supporters complete the communication preference form that they received in the most recent St Wilfrid's newsletter to assist us in our task.

Eurfron Jones explains (Eurfron is a Ward Volunteer for St Wilfrid’s and had a personal experience when we cared for her mum back in 2015).

The Hospice is part of our lives. I like getting the Newsletter via email. It lets me know about events that are happening. I like reading about other volunteers and what they do. I also like getting the updates about the new Hospice building. It makes me feel connected. I definitely recommend staying in touch with the Hospice. If I didn't, I would feel disconnected and less involved. It is great to get prompts from the Hospice every now and then about things coming up.”

“Thank you to everyone who has already completed their communication preferences form, it really helps us to ensure we are fully up to date on our ‘Data Care’ programme.” Marcia Nguyen Individuals Fundraising Manager.

If you would like to sign up for updates via email please let us know by filling in the details on the bottom right hand side of any of our webpages.