Corporate Speed Dating with Alisa Lakeman- Ford


It’s been a busy month for me, going to two networking meetings, helping our two Southern Co-Op stores make the most of their Charity Awareness Week, and getting ready for Covers Help for Hospices next month.

First of all I went to the NET-XP Expo at Chichester College on Wednesday 18 July, as St Wilfrid's was one of the chosen charities supported by the event. Our great display spread the word about St Wilfrid’s highlighting the different opportunities to get involved in with us. The next networking event was one of my favourites, Speed Networking, organised by the Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce, Bognor Regis Chamber of Commerce, Brighton Chamber of Commerce and Sussex Chamber of Commerce. Like the name suggests, it’s a bit like speed dating! Chairs were arranged in groups of three and each person was given one minute to pitch to the other two in the group. After all three have pitched and business cards exchanged, one person stays sitting and the other two move around the room. Very well controlled by the CCCI team, the movements were orchestrated like an intricate ballet, I used this great opportunity as a launch-pad for our new corporate Christmas campaign, despite the early August heat.

We made a big splash on social media for our Southern Co-Op stores last month (23 – 29 July was their Charity Awareness Week). The store in Hawthorn Road, Bognor Regis, really entered into the spirit sending us photos every day that we posted on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Each day they held a different event; home-made cup cakes and cake sale, book sale, garage sale, pyjama day, but the best of all was two brave staff members, Mary and Sarah, abseiled down the Spinnaker tower for us!  Thank you all ever so much for being brave, baking delicious cup cakes, being silly in your pyjamas and generally being amazing for St Wilfrid’s.

I have also been busy preparing to support Covers Timber and Builders Merchants with their 4th Help for Hospices Week that takes place from 10 – 15 September.  The Great Covers Bake Off is on Monday 10 September at the Chichester Home Ideas store. Covers staff really enter into the spirit of the event and we have seen some amazing creations in previous years. I have some of our lovely volunteers selling the Covers Raffle Tickets too, as well as a display board with information about St Wilfrid’s and opportunities to get involved. The wonderful Dawn Gracie is judging the bake off again this year and looking forward to tasting some of the incredible cakes, buns, muffins and tarts, all made by Covers staff. If you’re thinking of doing a bit of DIY soon, why not register as a Covers customer and stock up on what you need during Help for Hospices Week because for every sale to a registered customer, Covers will donate £5 to the charity pot. I usually run a Bacon Butty stall for tradesmen during the week but as I’m going to be away on holiday, we have postponed this until I get back, so watch this space!

July has been a great and busy month and I’d like to thank all our amazing corporate supporters for helping us make a difference to local lives.