Complimentary Therapists Wanted

Here at St Wilfrid’s we offer complementary therapies to our patients and their family and friends. We offer a variety of things from massage, reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology as well as many others. All our complementary therapist are qualified and work with our patients both in the day hospice and on the ward.

The appointments are bookable only on certain days with each session taking around an hour. On the ward the appointments are on a more ad hoc basis, going to patients and relatives as and when they feel that they could benefit from a session.

“Complementary therapies really benefit our patients, especially in the evening times, just before they are settling into bed. It really helps the patient to relax and ease their worrying at a time which can seem very lonely and frightening for them. Most of our patients feel very relaxed and calm whilst having therapy and I have even had a couple of people fall asleep on me! It is also very important for the relatives and carers of the patients, to have some time for themselves to ease the stress and worry.” Jill Dennison, Complimentary Therapist Facilitator explains. “Touch is such an important thing that so many people take for granted. Even though the therapies benefit the patients, it also brings a huge benefit to the therapists themselves. It is a pleasure to be able to offer a moment of relaxation and calmness to people when they need it most. The hospice is a wonderful place to be and meeting so many different people is so rewarding”.

St Wilfrid’s are currently looking for more complimentary therapist to join our team. You can volunteer for as many hours as you wish - we particularly would benefit from people able to work some evenings and weekends but any availability will be considered.

If you are a qualified therapist and would like some more information, then please get in touch by emailing or calling 01243 775302.