Claire's story

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“Shortly after his 45th birthday my husband, Steve, was devastatingly diagnosed with an incurable and aggressive brain tumour.

We were keen to manage at home with his illness as best we could. That was made possible by the care of Jane, one of the Hospice’s Community Nurses but, after a short spell in hospital, Steve was transferred to the Hospice.

He quickly became at ease with his new environment, helped by the friendly staff and the calm and peaceful atmosphere. I knew Steve was in the best place and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Steve was resting peacefully when our young son, Harry, came in to visit and say ‘Goodnight’ to Daddy for the last time. I take comfort that Harry was not distressed during his visit - it was a special time and the cherished memory will remain with me always and hopefully Harry, too.

Every minute was so precious in Steve’s last days and I was able to be by his side night and day. Despite the heartache I felt at watching my brave husband lose his fight, I have some wonderful memories of our time spent together.

Thanks to the incredible people at the Hospice, my family and I were given the chance to say goodbye to our beloved Steve in a way I didn’t think could ever be possible.”

Claire Prince