Church Road Trip

Our Chaplin, James Cooper, recently spent some time chatting with Luke ‘Barney’ Dowling (pictured). Barney, as he is known, is one of our patients and James discovered that he had been a builder by trade and is very interested in buildings and architecture. Barney mentioned that he’d really like to get out of the ward for a while and have a change of scenery, so James suggested that they go on a little drive together.

First stop was St George’s Church in James’ parish of Donnington. The 13th Century church was having new toilets installed (apparently for the first time since Saxon times!) which needed to be built in keeping with the existing architecture. Afterwards they travelled to St Peter’s Church in Westhampnett, a Saxon Church this time, to admire the different styles and design.

We are very proud of our staff for always trying to go the “extra smile”.