Carolyn's story

I have been coming to St Wilfrid’s Hospice as a Volunteer in the Day Centre every other Wednesday for the last 5 years or so. I very much enjoy my ‘shift’, serving patients, carers and other visitors with the splendid lunches supplied by the kitchen – the cakes are magnificent and I usually cannot resist buying one or two! More often than not, I get to meet up with the same patients time after time and really enjoy having a good old chat and a laugh. The same must be said for the company of my fellow volunteers! The atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful and when it comes to perhaps joining in the Mindfulness sessions, it is not only the patients who reap the benefits! The Hospice atmosphere always seems positive and caring and I am sure I am not the only Volunteer who leaves after their shift in a calmer and happier mood, as I am sure do all the patients, carers and other visitors. 

Carolyn Bawden
Orchard Centre Volunteer