Andy Mitchell – Chalcroft Shop Manager

The new purpose built Chalcroft Outlet replaced the old High Street Shop in Bognor Regis and sells a large range of furniture and home furnishings. They are open 7 days a week and have lots of free parking.

Andy Mitchell, Outlet Manager has managed the Chalcroft store since its opening in January 2017. 

Andy comes from a background of high pressured sales and after deciding to take semi retirement, he thought this would be a great opportunity to give something back to the local community.

People come in to pick up a bargain and end up wondering round the whole store buying more than they ever thought they wanted.

Andy Mitchell
Chalcroft Shop Manager

Since opening, the shop has gone from strength to strength.  The needs of the store keep increasing and he now has two full time drivers who do around 8 pick ups (of donations) a day.   

Chalcroft Outlet Store has a mixed team of both full and part time staff and volunteers, and everyone works really well together - Andy credits the success of the store to the team as a whole.

The volunteers and the staff are the real life blood of this outlet – without the team, it just really wouldn’t be the great success it is. 

Andy Mitchell
Chalcroft Shop Manager

Everyone loves a bargain and in the clearance section you certainly won’t be disappointed. There is everything from clothing, shoes, bric-a-brac, DVD’s, books, toys and many many more things, all at just £1. Andy explains the clearance section easily makes around £100 - £200 which really does contribute to the amount of income the shop takes on a daily basis. 

The outlet is continuing to thrive and Andy believes it will continue to grow and become even more successful in the future.  If you are interested in volunteering opportunities in the Chalcroft Outlet then please contact one of the team on 01243 837766, or just pop down and see one of them!