Alison Jane's Story

With the new Hospice building in its final stages before we open in 2019, we took the opportunity to catch up with Alison, Change Manager to find out a little bit about her, and how the project was going.

Alison’s background is working within the NHS, private hospitals and the council. She has a business degree and has worked through lots of different departments from hospital management, training and development, HR, Organisation development and project manager.

“I am interested in how to manage the change alongside the actual move. Having an idea of how each department works through a big organisation helps to tackle big complex projects. I saw the job advertised on the NHS website and thought it was something that I would love to take on and could use my previous experience and knowledge to make the process smooth and efficient.

Moving a Hospice from one location to another can seem like a daunting task – it is like moving house but on a massive scale. One of the first things I did was set up work streams and working groups and leads for each one. Everyone has their own knowledge and experience and it is important to harness this and get down all the information to make sure nothing is missed, as well as empowering staff.  The working streams cover everything to assist with the completion of the tasks required for the move.

We are just completing the detailed floor plans with detailed lists of every single thing that will be in each room from furniture to storage areas and medical equipment.  

There will be around a four week period where all the staff move over to the new site. Firstly we plan to move the admin and office staff, then day services and finally the inpatient ward.

One of the final jobs will be to bid a final farewell to the current hospice, decommission the site and a grand opening will be organised and a welcome to the new site.

It really is a mammoth task but with a huge amount of organisation, communication and team work with all staff and volunteers it will be a smooth process. It really is an exciting project to be a part of.”